Troup County is an easy place to launch a business. With a business-friendly environment, entrepreneurs choose Troup County for the unbeatable combination of business support and lifestyle quality that cannot be found in most communities

University of Georgia’s Small Business Development Center

The Chamber partners with the University of Georgia’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) which sets up shop in LaGrange with SBDC Business Consultant Todd Carlisle, by appointment, on-hand for individual consultations with potential or existing business owners.

“We are here to help small businesses grow,” says Lupo. “We assist with business plan development, marketing strategies, finances and strategic planning. Sometimes it’s as simple as brainstorming through an opportunity or challenge.” Best of all, there’s no fee for the service, according to Lupo who describes himself as “very pro-Troup County.”

Todd Carlisle

How to Write a Press Release

Have news to share? Start with a press release! A press release is a short article that alerts the media to a newsworthy event. Press releases should cover the basics – who, what, when, where, why, and how. Use press releases to cover things that will naturally spark attention and send them while the news is still fresh. Make sure and send your release with plenty of time for the news outlets to schedule a reporter to cover the event.

Tips to Writing a Press Release

  • If possible, use company letterhead. Not only does this give you a more professional look, it ties your companies brand to the event. If you cannot use letterhead at least use your company logo at the top of the page.
  • On the top, left-hand side of the page write the words “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Use bold font and upper case lettering.
  • Grab the reader with the headline. You have a small section of words to grab the attention of the news editor. The headline should prepare the editor for the content but also be exciting.
  • Always begin your press release by covering the basics. Make sure and include the “who, what, when, why and where.”
  • Be sure to use the official name of the organization.
  • Use simple vocabulary and avoid jargon and acronyms that are industry specific. Remember, you are writing for the general public.
  • Be brief. A good press release will only be a one-half page to three-quarters of a page double-spaced.
  • Include a picture if you have one. Make sure and identify any people in the photograph.
  • Write END at the bottom of the last page of the press release.
  • Place “###” underneath “END.” These symbols appear at the bottom of most press releases.
  • Remember to include the name, phone number and email of the media contact for your event.
  • Make sure and proof it for clarity.

Reaching the correct audience:

  • The scope of your event determines where you should send your press release.
  • For local events, local newspapers and organizations will be most appropriate.
  • For state and national events, larger newspapers and metro radio stations will be relevant. Consider business journals, relevant trade publications, and other mission-centered organizations.
  • Personally contact reporters who have covered similar stories or organizations with matching values.

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Troup County Downtown Development Authorities

Hogansville Downtown Development Authority

The mission of Hogansville’s DDA is to revitalize downtown through sustainable economic growth, preservation, and beautification.

The DDA encourages quality growth and economic prosperity while maintaining the small town experience. Hogansville strives to preserve their historic and natural resources while promoting, revitalizing, and beautifying the downtown area. The prime location of Hogansville brings a steady stream of visitors to town and is one of the cornerstones of their expansion as an economic, professional, and cultural center for the Central West Georgia Region.

LaGrange Downtown Development Authority

The purpose of the Downtown LaGrange Development Association is to develop and promote a healthy and prosperous downtown within the context of cultural and historic preservation. In an effort to create a sense of community, the Downtown LaGrange Development Authority strives to revitalize the historic or traditional commercial areas in Downtown. Through these efforts, their diligent recruits will encourage fiscal growth and augment our community’s quality of life while fostering an understanding and appreciation of our shared legacy.

West Point Downtown Development Authority

With an eye to the future, West Point has kept the best of the past. West Point is the epicenter of a new triangle of economic growth: a state-of-the-art automotive plant, world-class training center, and thousands of new jobs. Business owners and entrepreneurs alike sense the strong opportunities to thrive in West Point — from auto suppliers to technology and healthcare companies, to the retail, hospitality and other trade the growing population will demand.


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