Vote Early through Friday, March 12

Vote on Election Day, Tuesday, March 16

Since 1997, ESPLOST has provided funds for:

E-SPLOST is a continuation of a 1% special purpose sales tax in place for the past 24 years. Without E-SPLOST, the school system would have to raise property taxes to make up the budget shortfalls. Help keep our property taxes low – vote YES for E-SPLOST.

How Does ESPLOST Benefit Troup County

  • Students will have up-to-date technology to compete in the 21st century
  • Enhance safety and security measures at TCSS facilities
  • Provides a five-year revenue stream for needed building updates and improvements
  • 30% of revenue is provided from out-of-town guests visiting Troup County
  • Funding will allow permanent facilities to be renovated or constructed
  • Technology and associated curriculum improvements will ensure students get the best education possible
  • A majority of the work is completed by local design and construction firms
  • An educated, well prepared¬†student ready for the strong labor market

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