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Charitable organizations (501c3) - 15% Discount Off Business Rates

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Based on number of employees or number of units (hotels/apartments):

Employees/Units Annual Cost
1-10 $275
11-25 $325
26-50 $400
51-150 $500
151-500 $750
501-750 $1,000
751-1,000 $1,250
1,001-1,500 $1,750
1,501-2,500 $2,500
2,501+ $3,500

Banks/Credit Unions

$275 plus $25/$1 million in local assets
Local Assets (in millions):

Second Business

If the first business is paying for a full business membership and the second business has 10 or fewer employees, the second business can join for $150 (as long as the first business remains a member in good standing).

Individual - $125

Retired Persons - $100

Emeritus (Retired person age 75+) - Complimentary

Note: New Member Application Fee - $50

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Your annual investment in the Chamber may be tax deductible as a business expense.