Looking on at the beautifully donned floats, costumed dancers, and waving dignitaries of the LaGrange Christmas Parade, one would never know the chaos behind the scenes of lining up over 100 floats, filled with everything from animals, children, dancers, musicians, and politicians.
Conducting the chaos is Warren Adams, who has spent the last 30 years lining up the procession so that the parade goes off without a hitch.
In 1992, Adams was just 13 years old when he first volunteered under H.B. and Elaine Bradley, who organized the parade alongside the Chamber of Commerce’s Women’s Division. After his father passed, his mother, Donna, began volunteering with the Women’s Division, and Warren frequently tagged along with her to events, including the parade.
Early on, Adams helped the Bradleys line up the parade units and ensured the parade had a smooth start as it left Granger Park.
Then, when Mr. Bradley was injured in an accident some years later, Adams stepped in as the director and has continued to fill the role since. Modestly, he would tell you that he wouldn’t be able to pull it off without help from his mother, Donna, his wife, Brandy, as well as his friend, John Andrews. And while 30 years later, he’s still enjoying his role as Parade Director, he looks forward to a time when he might pass the torch to one of his children, Colonel or Quincy.
Looking back, Adams says there have been very few major difficulties, although he does look back humorously on a time when the parade almost had to start without the Grand Marshal.
In 46 years, the LaGrange Christmas Parade has never had to be canceled, including during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Adams says that 2020 is actually his favorite year because of how the theme, “Christmas to the Rescue,” celebrated the hard work and dedication of healthcare workers during the pandemic.
Under his leadership, the parade continues to grow. It has become a time-honored tradition for Troup County families and a night of holiday magic for children and adults alike.
This year, the self-proclaimed “stickler for decorations” hopes that every float is decorated with the kids and community in mind. Adams hopes to see the community embrace this year’s theme, “Santa’s Helpers” and create a parade that will draw thousands to downtown LaGrange to experience the sights and sounds of Christmas.