As we are planning for the future of education in the Troup County School System (TCSS), we continue to strive to become a ‘Premier School System’ in the state of Georgia.

Over the course of 2021, stakeholders, community members and TCSS staff conducted strategic planning sessions to create our new mission, vision, values and goals. At the December board meeting, the TCSS School Board adopted our new strategic plan – Vision 2025. The document outlines our values and strategic goals that will guide our work in the coming years so that we can focus on what matters, student success!

The strategies will set us on a course to improve achievement, reduce opportunity gaps for students and transform the Troup County School System for years to come.

In the coming weeks, there will be copies of the TCSS Strategic Plan available in multiple public places and offices across Troup County. Below are our vision, mission, core values and strategic goals we’ve identified that define our school system in the future:


Our Vision is to be a school system that is adaptable, flexible and creates innovative programming that will prepare our students to pursue their passions and to ultimately prepare them for post-secondary education and careers.


The Troup County School System is committed to educating ALL students using creative and innovative strategies that provide ‘A Place For Every Kid.’

Core Value 1 – CONNECTION

We value diverse, inclusive opportunities so that all students may discover a learning community or communities where they find acceptance, happiness, and motivation, thus helping us to live up to our motto ‘A Place for Every Kid.’

Core Value 2 – EQUITY

We value access for every student, no matter their background or socioeconomic status, to resources, programs, and experiences that open doors to future success.

Core Value 3 – ACHIEVEMENT

We value rigor in academics so that students will internalize the skills needed to be fluent in reading, mathematical operations, and critical thinking while also developing a strong foundation for postsecondary learning.

Core Value 4 – RESILIENCE

We value perseverance, determination, confidence, and responsibility as traits that must be developed in young people so that they understand the importance of goal-setting and of the hard work that will elevate them to their highest potential.

Core Value 5 – INTEGRITY

We value the pride of accomplishment that is earned when students understand the importance of being honest, ethical, passionate, and accountable in their endeavors.

Core Value 6 – COMPASSION

We value producing graduates who have matured into young adults who are servant leaders and who display empathy and a thirst for lifelong learning.

Strategic Goals:

Goal 1: Focus on Student Success and Well Being

Goal 2: Ensure Equitable Opportunities for All

Goal 3: Focus on Recruiting, Inducting, and Retaining Quality Staff

Goal 4: Cultivate the Capacity of the School System to Function as a Flexible and Adaptable Organization

Goal 5: Lead in the Cultivation of Relationships and Strategic Partnerships between the School System and Parents, and among Agencies and Organizations which Provide Services to Children

As always, thank you for your continued support of the Troup County School System. Sincerely,