Annual Manufacturing and Wages

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Annual Manufacturing Wage & Benefits Survey

Since 2011, the Chamber has conducted a wage and benefits survey of local manufacturing firms.  Reports are shared with participating firms only.  In 2014, 26 companies representing 8383 employees participated.  For more information, contact

Troup County Safety Council
The mission of the Troup County Safety Council is to establish a cooperative effort to educate and influence people and the organizations they represent, thereby promoting a commitment to and ultimately accomplishing incident free operations.
The objective of the Safety Council is to promote safety, health and environmental improvement in the workforce for manufacturing and large businesses in the Troup County region.  The Council meets quarterly to discuss and provide action for the following:
  • Methods to eliminate accidents
  • Sharing best practices and experiences
  • Actively promoting a commitment to safety and environmental protection
  • Encouraging open discussion of issues
  • Developing standardization of safety initiatives.
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Drugs Don’t Work

Drug use in your business costs money, customers and lost productivity!
Consider these facts:
  • 38-50% of workers' compensation claims are related to substance abuse.
  • Substance abusers file 3-5 times more workers' comp claims.
  • Substance abusers have 300% higher medical costs/benefits.
  • Substance abusers are 2.5 times more likely to be absent from work.
  • 77% of adult drug users are employed.
On the flip side, having a drug-free workplace helps:
  • Reduce medical costs and lost productivity
  • Lower employee turnover and reduce absenteeism
  • Protect loyal employees

To obtain drug free workplace certification and qualify for the 7.5% discount on your workers' compensation premiums, you must complete the following steps:

Drugs Don't Work Simplified Check List:

  1.  Institute a substance abuse policy. The program provides English and Spanish translations.
  2. Conduct drug testing. Not all employees are required to be tested, however, pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing are required. While random drug testing is not required, it is suggested. The program provides a certified testing provider list.
  3. Conduct on-going employee education. The program provides a monthly newsletter for employees in both English and Spanish to equal the required two hours of training annually. Half of the training must be complete before applying for certification.
  4. Oversee supervisor education. The program provides with a newsletter to distribute to supervisors for one hour of annual training. The balance of required training can be accomplished by a drug awareness trainer. Half of the training must be complete before applying for certification.
  5. Post the provided referral list of treatment services.
  6. Submit your application to the State Board of Worker's Compensation annually for Certification.
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Certificate of Origin
A certificate of origin is a document certifying the origin of an export required by some countries.  The LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce signs original Certificate of Origin documents for chamber members in good standing.  The chamber completes the certification, which is based upon the exporter’s representation and not on the basis of independent verification, that the products named in the document originated in the United States.
Talent Recruitment Services
You have a strong, growing business with opportunities for new talent.   You can sell the opportunities, but are you positioned to see the community?  The chamber’s Talent Recruitment Program offers our member businesses an additional sales team—a sales team focused upon making your candidate choose Troup County not only as their work location but also for their home.
Include time with the Chamber’s Talent Recruitment Team during your candidate’s interview.  Whether an information conversation at lunch, a formal meeting or discussion during a community tour, Chamber staff and volunteers help prospects understand what living and working in Troup County is really like. 

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